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Using Bose F1 for Fixed Installations

Nearly two years since it was launched by Bose, the F1 Flexible Line Array & Sub system has grown in popularity. The benefits to musicians, rental companies and touring bands are obvious: portability, flexibility, and incredibly high output from a relatively compact box.

But the Bose F1 is equally appropriate for use in fixed installations too. These include Houses of Worship, Performance Centres, Multipurpose Halls, Gymnasiums, Small Theatres and more.

Here’s why the Bose F1 is a good PA System choice for installation:

  • Line Array Technology:
    Your audience deserves to hear the same thing, whether they’re sitting in the front row or the last. The Bose F1 is a soft start to those venues aiming for uniform coverage.
  • Great Cost to Output Ratio:
    At this price point, the Bose F1 is a compelling choice especially considering the volume they’re capable of delivering. With a Peak SPL capability of 132dB, it has a favourable dB to Rand ratio.
  • Incredible Voicing:
    In true Bose fashion, the F1 system sounds natural even at louder volumes. The F1 performs equally well with spoken word, live music and electronic music.
  • Multiple Patterns:
    The single biggest benefit of the F1 is the ability to set the coverage pattern according to the application. In applications where rooms may be used in different configurations, a quick adjustment can make a major difference in coverage.

Simply push or pull the array into position to create “Straight,” “C,” “J” or “Reverse J” coverage patterns.

Bose lists the notable features as follows:

  • Vertically oriented 8-driver mid/high line array, with each driver mounted on a custom 100° waveguide, delivering wide, consistent coverage
  • 12-inch LF driver provides high performance at low frequency for strong low-frequency output
  • Bi-amplified design with 2 high-output, Class-D amplifiers to separately power the FLEX array and 12-inch LF driver
  • 2 input channels with independent volume controls and Line Level/Mic switch on Channel 1

With successful South African Bose F1 deployments in our portfolio, we’re confident the Bose F1 will be seen in many more venues around the country in time to come. We at Creatav are installers of Bose Professional Audio in South Africa: