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Bose promises Better Sound Through Research.
We’re inclined to agree.

At Creatav, we’re registered installers of Bose Professional products in South Africa.
With dozens of deployments under our belt, you can be assured that your investment in Bose is coupled with skilled expertise and a thorough knowledge of the product range.
We’ve got direct access to spares for minimised downtime; and all the additional technical support required for larger system configurations.
The Bose Product Range

Bose Ceiling Speakers

We install the full range of Bose Ceiling Speakers including the DS16F (white & black); DS40F (white & black; DS100F (white & black) and the Freespace 3 Satellites & Bass Modules (black & white).

Bose Column Speakers

Column Speakers include the Bose MA12 Line Array Column and MA12EX Line Array Column (suitable for outdoor). Both are available in black & white and have different accessories for all applications.

Bose Surface Speakers

The Bose surface speaker range incorporates the small format DS16S, DS40S and DS100S, all available in Black or White with environmental versions; along with the Panarray 302, 402, 502 and 802 range.

Bose Line Array

ShowMatch, DeltaQ, RoomMatch and PowerMatch all form part of the Bose Line Array range, which has a product for almost every application including small, medium and large venues.

Bose Specialty Speakers

The Bose 360P is an environmental speaker which blends in perfectly when placed outdoors, and is an example of products within the Bose Specialty range that has creative solutions for everyday problems.

Bose Portable Speakers

Ever popular in South Africa, the Bose L1 range revolutionised the portable PA Market. The L1 Compact, L1 Model II, L1 Model S and the newly added F1 Speaker range make Bose a good choice.

Bose Signal Processing

As a result of all the research required to bring Better Sound, Bose has made available high quality powerful signal processing to help get the most out of your Bose system.

Bose Amplification

One of the newest product ranges for Bose, the Powermatch, Powershare and Freespace amplifiers provide reliable power to all speakers across the entire Bose loudspeaker range.


Careful system design requires more than just technical knowledge. We like to get to know you and what you need. Once we’re confident we understand that, we design a system that works for you.


This is where the design comes to life. A well designed system requires attention to detail upon installation. We work quickly, quietly, and enjoy the collaborative nature of on-site deployment.


We work hard to make sure we provide rock solid solutions that are reliable, but sometimes gremlins do appear. For that, we offer email, telephonic and on-site support that has one goal – Uptime.