We use TECHNOLOGY to make things better

CreatAV was founded with the goal of improving your experience in physical spaces with technology. Over many years, we’ve helped hundreds of of Startups, Small & Large Businesses, Churches, Mosques, Schools, Broadcasters, Production Companies, Sports Clubs, Hotels & Retail Stores to improve their staff and guest experience. You benefit from our close relationships with dozens of South African and International Distributors, which gives you access to the best global brands.

Our Design Approach

Technology should serve its users. Everything we do when designing systems is based on this belief. The Owner, User and the Guest are given equal importance when designing any system. We only start once we’re sure we have a thorough understanding of what it is you’re trying to achieve. Our focus is on the people who need to use the system, and the people who need to benefit from the system.

Our Technical Philosophy

Over the past decade, the gap between bad and good equipment has narrowed. Many features have become more accessible, and many brands offer similar things. However, this has made it more important to have an in-depth understanding of each piece of hardware. We focus not only on the features, but also consider build quality; reliability; serviceability & scalability. For this reason, we rarely specify entry-level equipment and always need to answer this question: Why are we choosing this device?

Our Service Goals

Our service to you starts from the moment you contact us. We strive to communicate clearly, taking the time to listen to your needs. Once we understand your needs, we work to getting you a draft proposal within a few hours, while sometimes this may take a few days for complex systems. We’re available telephonically, via e-mail, in-person, or via services like Zoom, to fine tune the proposed design. Once accepted, we deploy skilled crew promptly, and work together to deploy your system into your space. Once handed over, our support obligations to you start and we become available to support your new system based on your chosen support plan. Through all these steps, we aim to be prompt, efficient, transparent, and respectful.

Our Shop

While end to end solutions are at the core of what we do, we realise sometimes all you want is the equipment. We’ve made a selection of equipment available for purchase online. These devices are chosen because they either provide great value for money, or are the best in their class. Our service extends to you through our pre-sales technical advice, easy online ordering system and prompt delivery.