Business Music Systems

Choosing a Good Restaurant Sound System

South Africa is home to some of the most diverse culinary establishments in the world. Diners are spoilt for choice for everything from ambiance, location, price, menu’s and flavour. This also means that food establishments operate in a very competitive space. One where the smallest differentiating factor can make a difference for a restaurant.

A good sound system is a secret weapon used by many restaurants. It brings many benefits to both your staff and your patrons. Here’s how to choose a sound system that’s benefits your food business:

  • Define Your Vibe
    The sound system is a tool that helps you create the type of vibe and atmosphere that you envision. Start by clearly defining what that vision is.
  • Choose a Music Genre
    Music should be chosen based on your vision, in the same way you made decor and other aesthetic choices for the space, music will have a major influence on your guest experience.
  • Consider Aesthetics
    Some spaces require all equipment to be hidden, while others deliberately draw attention to the presence of it. Take into account your client type, their preferences and your intended visual style.
  • Decide on Coverage
    The most important practical decision to be made is to decide which areas need to be well covered with sound. Don’t forget the finer details like the fact that POS areas require lower volumes to make in-person transactions and telephonic conversations easier.
  • Zones
    Your space may require separate zones. These zones could play different sources and/or playback music at different volumes. Outdoor areas could be set to sound a bit different and areas close to TVs could have source selection that allows playback of TV audio when required.
  • Sonic Characteristics
    This one requires some creative thinking and is a bit subjective. How would you like it to sound? Intimate like your lounge HiFi, loud like a concert PA System, punchy like a club, tinny like an elevator?
  • Quality
    In the same way that you’d pay attention to the weight of your cutlery, the comfort of your seats and the quality of your food, make a decision on how much you’d like to spend. Remember this is a long term investment that will last many years if you choose the right equipment.
  • Control
    Regardless of your venue type, you’re likely to need some form of control of the sound system. Simple volume controls and source selection that is separate from the equipment itself will prevent tampering and make adjustments easy.
  • Scheduling
    Would you like the tempo or genre of your music to adjust according to the time of day?
    Day-parting splits your day into different time slots, each with a set playlist.
  • Volume Capability
    Will the sound system only ever be used for light background music or does it need to accommodate louder volumes for special events?
  • Additional Features
    If your venue hosts musical acts, decide if you’d like your installed system to accommodate these acts. It may save costs in the long run if your acts are not bringing their own sound, which they’re likely to be charging you for. Additional inputs for DJs, musicians and other variable scenarios need to be considered before finalising a system design.

A good sound system in your food establishment will secretly help to define your venue and could yield a multitude of benefits including a more holistic brand experience for customers, customer contentment, improved staff attitudes and most noticeably, adding character to your prized space.