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Simplifying System Controls with Biamp

At Creatav, we make sure to choose the best product for the application. Biamp’s extensive range of products fit many applications and provide sufficient processing for our system programmers to achieve great results. However, all that complexity needs to be hidden so that we provide you with a system that is easy to use and reliable.

Biamp manufactures some of the most powerful DSP systems, and with all that power comes the need to control it easily. Controllers like the RED-1 & TEC-1 from Biamp make it easy to control even the most advanced installed audio visual systems.

Complex system functionality should not mean complex controls.

The RED-1 & TEC-1 controllers are designed for use with the Biamp Nexia, Audio and Tesira ranges respectively. These two controllers are similar in form and function, and do a good job to make end user control easy. Biamp lists the features of these controllers as follows:

  • 32 selectable system volumes and actions may be adjusted and/or initiated
  • Input & output levels may be adjusted individually or adjusted in groups
  • System operations may be actioned individually or in groups and include preset recall, source selection, mutes, ducking, room combining & more.
  • Control functions can be programmed using the Audia, Nexia or Tesira system design software
  • A bright OLED display with a high contrast for wide viewing angles
  • Display brightness adjusts according to the ambient light present in the application, dimming automatically when not in use
  • Capacitive touch technology not only makes operation smooth, cleaning is simpler with no protruding parts
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty

Aside from controlling internal functions within the Biamp DSP, certain ranges are able to integrate with external systems using simple GPIO and RS232 commands. This allows for control of multiple third party devices. Now complex system actions that would have required multiple button pushes or remotes can be actioned easily. Smart Automation features include the ability to schedule actions based on preset criteria, and systems that are able to report errors to super users or administrators.

To an end user in a venue, the Biamp TEC-1 & RED-1 controllers are simple to use, even for first time users. To venue owners it provides the assurance that critical system settings are untouched, while users get the control required for smooth operation.