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Preparing Mosque Sound Systems for Ramadaan

As the Muslim holy month of Ramadaan is set to start around the 27th of May, Mosques across the world prepare for a 30-day period of high attendance and increased activity. In South Africa, the nightly Taraweeh prayers along with special events means most resources are used to full capacity.

We at Creatav have released the first edition of the Ramadaan Sound Tips handbook to assist Mosques in getting the most out of their sound systems during this religious month.

The 2017 Ramadaan Sound Tips handbook covers the following topics:

  • Physical Inspections
  • System Cleaning
  • Listening Assessments
  • Best Practices
  • Training
  • Assigning a Responsible Person
  • Preventing System Tampering
  • Dealing with Effects
  • Conducting Ongoing Checks
  • Budgeting

To download the 2017 handbook, visit our Ramadaan Tips page: