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Shift Espresso Bar in Newlands Opens with Audac

The latest store in the Shift Espresso franchise opened this April in Newlands, Cape Town.

Shift Espresso Bar offers guests a refreshing coffee café experience that is warm yet energetic. CreatAV was approached to specify a high-quality background music system to help create the appropriate environment for patrons.

After consideration, the client selected an Audac system consisting of Audac ATEO 4 MK2 speakers powered by Audac COM108 amplifiers. This simple kit offers an easy to deploy, affordable system that maintains the quality standards required by the Shift brand.

The Shift Espresso Bar mission is to inspire and nurture human connectivity through the medium of coffee and to build relationships, in an effort to cross boundaries and bridge the gap of social division. Shift Espresso Bar believes that every customer deserves to experience quality, excellence and professionalism.

The Background Music System supplied by CreatAV helps Shift Espresso Newlands to deliver on this promise – with warm sound at consistent volumes throughout the space. The Audac ATEO range of speakers offer balanced background music at an accessible price point. When matched with Audac COM108 amplifiers, it forms a background music system that is reliable and easy to use.

At Shift Espresso Newlands, patrons get to enjoy good coffee and good food in an ambiance that feels and sounds good.

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