Livestreaming Systems

Deliver clear images & sound to your audiences with Livestreaming Systems that are designed specifically for your needs. Use multiple camera angles, integrate into existing audio systems, simultaneously transmit to in-venue screens and stream to the destination of your choice. Livestreaming systems can be designed with two approaches: Powerful and built for technical users, giving you full control over every setting; or we can simplify controls, making it easier for non-technical operators to use. Livestream from your Church, Event Venue, Boardroom, Class or Lecture Room, Auditorium, Business, Mosque, Sports Field or any place you wish.

Multiple Camera Angles

Integrated Audio

Designed for Technical or Non-Technical users

Live Titling & Graphics

Meeting Space Systems

Break free from clunky presentation systems or unreliable conferencing equipment. Modern meeting spaces need to be flexible to accommodate rapidly changing needs. Get together in small huddle spaces, or around large boardroom tables. Always be heard loudly and clearly with professionally installed audio equipment. Present confidently on-screen without stressing about whether the other side can see your screen. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) compatible systems will allow any laptop to connect to in-room Mics, Speakers, Displays and Cameras. Semi portable systems can even turn any space into a meeting space.

Bring Your Own Device

Integration with Zoom, Teams, etc

Wireless Presenting

Fixed or PTZ Cameras

e-Learning Systems

Embrace and adapt to the rapidly changing teaching environment with e-Learning systems that integrate into your current classroom setup. Good e-Learning systems allow the instructor to focus on the lesson and the students, without being distracted by technology. Livestream your lectures in one direction only, or allow questions and answers from remote students, while easily maintaining a traditional teaching setup. Recording, streaming and uploading of lessons can be automated with simple button presses or scheduled based on your teaching calendar. Predictably show your camera and presentation content at the same time using multiple layouts. The modern learning environment is stressful for both learners and students. With our solutions, your e-learning technology will be one thing less to stress about.

Auto-tracking Cameras

High Quality Teacher Audio

Recording and Streaming Scheduling

Integration with LMS’s

Room Automation & Control

Did you know that most things in your space can be automated and controlled from a single control panel? Get simple control of your space and ditch the multiple remotes on your table. Room Automation & Control systems connect all your in-room devices together. Lighting, Sound, Conference Systems, Recorders, Screens and Projectors can all be automated to perform tasks based on button pushes, presets or schedules. You can consolidate your current remote buttons to a Touchscreen, Smartphone App or Wall Controller. Push the “Start Presenting” button and your Projector goes on, your lights dim, your screen rolls down and your sound switches on. All with a single button push.

To accommodate modern touchless requirements, your Room Automation & Control system can even be touchless.


Automatic Switching


Touch-less Room Control

Background Music Systems

Make your guests feel welcome by integrating high quality Background Music Systems into any space. Research shows the impact of ambient sound in any environment. Use a discretely installed system to manipulate the visitor experience in your Waiting Room, Foyer, Retail Store or Hospitality area. Create the sonic environment that suits your brand, your customer experience, and your guests’ expectations. Distribute high quality music or in-store radio evenly to every occupied area of your space. Systems can be simple or designed to give you more control, like different music in different sections, independent volume controls and more.

Multi-zone Source & Volume Controls

Bluetooth Music Playback

Building-Wide Systems

Centralised or Distributed Controls

Large Display Systems

Grabbing and keeping attention of your guests is getting harder. Keep your guests fully engaged for longer with bright, bold, and big display systems. In Houses of Worship, deliver your message with Live camera feeds and text overlays. In Retail Stores deliver eye-catching adverts or promotional material with Digital Signage. Increase enjoyment in public spaces like Food Courts, Entertainment Areas & Sports facilities. Immerse visitors with interactive displays in Museums & Exhibitions. Present proudly to audiences in Auditoriums, Conference Centre’s and Event Spaces.

Integration with Digital Signage

Interactive Displays

LED TV’s, Video Walls, Projection or LED Walls

Virtual Sets

PA Systems

Say what you need to say loud and clear in any space, with PA Systems designed and deployed specifically for your needs. Tamper-proof setups in multi-user spaces allow systems to run without any need to touch the system controls. With features like automatic volume control, system presets & automatic volume limiting, Announcement systems & Foreground Audio systems can be set & forget. Spaces like Auditoriums, Conference Centres, Theatres require highly integrated, software designed systems that are capable of loud volumes and used by skilled operators. Houses of Worship systems may be either designed to be unattended or for venues with a technical team, systems can be designed to deliver specific features and meet specifications.

Indoor or Outdoor

Designed to be set & forget or fully operator controlled

Line Array, Point Source, Surface, In-Wall or Ceiling Speakers

Integration with Evacuation Systems

Post-Production Systems

For content creators, small details matter with your Post-Production System. An efficient post-production workflow can only be created using a carefully selected hardware and software combination. Edit, grade, mix and distribute content for your Production House, Podcast, House of Worship or Online Channel in-house. Together we can create a post-production experience that is comfortable and effective.

Grading Panels

Monitor Speakers

Audio Mixers

Video Capture & Playback Cards


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