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The things we love doing

Boardroom Audio Visual

Take the hassle out of presenting in your boardroom. Present, collaborate, annotate, record, and get better results with a well designed system.

PA Systems

Your audience deserves to hear the full message. A well designed PA System gets your speech, music, lecture or performance across clearly.

HD & 4K Projection Systems

High Definition & 4K projection on a variety of screen types. Create super wide images with Edge-Blending, or project onto shapes with Mapping technology.

Business Music Systems

Improve your Cafeteria, Entertainment Area, Restaurant, Foyer or Outdoor area with Background and Foreground Music Systems.

Digital Signage

Communicate with your clients like never before. Display Videos, Pictures, Text, live Twitter & RSS feeds & more. Control many screens from one central location.

Smart Automation

Action dozens of tasks with the push of a single button. Integrate Video, Audio, Curtains, Blinds, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Mats, Motion Detectors & more for a truly smart space.

Production & Post Production Equipment

Equip your production team with the best gear for the job. Solutions for the Camera, Sound, Music, Editing & Visual Effects departments. And, we’ve found a way to keep producers happy.

Live Broadcast Solutions

Build a broadcast ready control room or broadcast from anywhere using mobile technology. Reach millions via Radio, TV, Podcasting, Web or Live Streaming.

Conference Systems

Whether you’re meeting in person or remotely, Audio & Video Conference Systems will ensure you’re heard and seen perfectly by all participants.

Interactive Walls & Displays

Create a touchscreen wall or interactive surface nearly anywhere. Touch, pinch, swipe, zoom – the full touch experience is possible at sizes larger than life.

How we do it


Careful system design requires more than just technical knowledge. We like to get to know you and what you need. Once we’re confident we understand that, we design a system that works for you.


This is where the design comes to life. A well designed system requires attention to detail upon installation. We work quickly, quietly, and enjoy the collaborative nature of on-site deployment.


We work hard to make sure we provide rock solid solutions that are reliable, but sometimes gremlins do appear. For that, we offer email, telephonic and on-site support that has one goal – Uptime.

Call us today at +2721 140 1518 or Email us at info@creatav.co.za

We look forward to working with you.