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Atlona AT-AVA-EX70-2PS-KIT Avance 4K/UHD HDMI Extender Kit

R9,995.00 incl VAT
The AVA-EX70-2PS-KIT delivers a cost-effective solution for extension of video and audio at resolutions up to 4K/UHD.

Atlona Omega AT-OME-MH21 – Video Switcher & USB Hub

R13,950.00 incl VAT
The Atlona AT-OME-MH21 is a compact, versatile switcher with HDMI and USB-C inputs. It is equipped with features for complete AV integration in huddle rooms and small meeting spaces, including automatic switching and display control, audio de-embedding, and a USB 3.0 hub for video conferencing peripherals or touch displays.

Atlona Wave 101 – Wireless Presentation Platform

R23,495.00 incl VAT
Introducing the Atlona Wireless Audio Visual Environment (WAVE™) and the AT-WAVE-101, an innovative wireless presentation system designed for quick and easy content sharing from up to four PCs or mobile devices. The WAVE-101 is designed for effortless screen casting with iOS, Android, Mac, Chromebook, and Windows devices. The versatility of the WAVE-101 expands well beyond BYOD content sharing, with a host of additional features to enhance education, corporate, and many other applications.

Alfatron IP2HE Encoder

R7,750.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron IP2HE is a networked AV over IP Encoder adopting the latest H.265 compression for use in IP video matrix or video wall setups.

Alfatron IP2HD Decoder

R7,750.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron IP2HD is a networked AV over IP Decoder adopting the latest H.265 compression for use in IP video matrix or video wall setups. Use with the Alfatron IP2HE.

Biamp TesiraLUX OH-1

R59,800.00 incl VAT
The TesiraLUX OH-1 is an AVB/TSN enabled video decoder capable of outputting video signals up to and including 4K60.

Biamp TesiraLUX IDH-1

R59,800.00 incl VAT
The Biamp TesiraLUX IDH-1 is an AVB/TSN enabled video encoder capable of transmitting video signals up to and including 4K60.

Alfatron MUK44N

R9,775.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron ALF-MUK44N is a 4×4 compact HDMI matrix switcher which is specially designed for cost-conscious projects and buyers.

Alfatron 21E-SOFTCODEC

R5,690.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron 21E-SOFTCODEC is a HDMI 2.0 2×1 Auto Presentation Switcher with CEC. The switcher is designed to switch HDMI inputs or USB-C input to a single HDMI output.

Alfatron SUK4 1×4 HDMI Distribution Amplifier

R4,500.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron SUK4 HDMI splitter is an HDMI splitter featuring the capability to split HDMI or DVI source to 4 displays synchronously.

Alfatron SUK2 1×2 HDMI Distribution Amplifier

R3,350.00 incl VAT
Alfatron SUK2 is an HDMI splitter featuring the capability to repeat HDMI or DVI source signal to two displays synchronously.

Alfatron TPHD403P HDMI over HDBaseT Extender Kit

R11,995.00 incl VAT
Alfatron TPHD403P is an HDMI/IR/RS232 twisted pair extender including one transmitter (TPHD403PT) and one receiver (TPHD403PR).

Alfatron TPUK150-RS HDMI over CAT6 Kit

R9,995.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron TPUK150-RS is an 18Gbps HDMI Extender for HD video/audio signal, RS-232, and bi-directional IR at up to 150 meters via CAT6

Alfatron TPUHD-70-T HDBaseT Extender TX

R6,300.00 incl VAT
Alfatron TPUHD-70-T is a mini-size HDBaseT Extender using HDBaseT technology to transmit high-resolution 1080p/ 4k signal from transmitter to the

Alfatron TPBHD-70-R HDBaseT Extender RX

R6,300.00 incl VAT
Alfatron TPBHD-70-R is a mini-size HDBaseT Receiver using HDBaseT technology to receive high-resolution 1080p/4K signals via a CAT5e/CAT6a cable at a distance of up to 70/40m.

Alfatron EXT60IR-18G

R5,175.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron EXT60IR-18G is a cost-effective point-to-point HDMI over CAT extender set for HDMI 2.0 up to 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 and IR signals.

Alfatron EXT60IR Kit

R2,300.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron EXT60IR kit extends HDMI signal between Transmitter and Receiver over CATx cable. It supports 1080p@60Hz video signals up to 55m.

Alfatron WP70T-RS Wallmounted Switcher with HDBaseT

R8,625.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron WP70T-RS wall plate is a 2×1 switcher with HDMI and USB-C inputs and a HDBaseT transmitter up to 70m.

Alfatron WUK4A 4K HDMI Switcher

R5,690.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron WUK4A is a 4K HDMI switcher with 4 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI Output with Audio De-Embedding, and EDID, RS232 and IR Control.

Alfatron SC51TS Scaler Switcher

R31,625.00 incl VAT
Alfatron SC51TS is a Compact Scaler Switcher with 5 video inputs (1x HDMI/MHL, 2x HDMI, 1x DP & 1x VGA) + 3 Audio inputs.

Alfatron SC61E-18G Switcher

R15,795.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron SC61E-18G switcher allows input switching of six different sources: 3x HDMI, 1x USB-C, 1x DisplayPort and 1x VGA input.

Alfatron WUK3A HDMI Auto Switcher

R2,400.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron WUK3A is a Full 4Kx2K@60Hz 4:4:4 HDMI Auto Switcher with 3x HDMI inputs and 1x HDMI Output.

Alfatron WU4K HUB 4×1 Switcher

R12,500.00 incl VAT
The Alfatron WU4K HUB is a 4×1 Switcher & USB bridging hub. The switcher features four HDMI video inputs and one HDMI output.