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Get The Right Tools

Houses of Worship

If you can’t come to the sermon, the sermon will come to you. Break the barriers of your physical space and spread the message to your congregants and their families.


Live music with your pyjamas on. If you’re a musician, comedian or other artist, give your audience the best of both worlds – a live performance + the comfort of their own home.

Sports & Recreation

Avoid the crowds, and long queues. Your loyal supporters can watch the action as if they’re really there. Livestream your match to their big (or small) screen.

Education & Training

Turns seminars into webinars and training into e-learning. If you’ve got something to teach, and people who want to learn, you’ve got a reason to livestream.


Watching gameplay can be as exciting as playing yourself. If your live gameplay streaming needs are stretching beyond what your PC can handle, we can help.


Gather your people and share information about things you love. Cooking, gardening, knitting, skating…. Keep your community connected around their shared interest.