Brand Focus

Brand Focus: Vivitek Projectors

Vivitek is a brand that is well suited to the South African market. The product catalog is vast and ranges from entry level portable projectors to large venue projectors, all with good value. More recently the addition of laser projection and collaboration systems has rounded out an already great range.

Affordable Quality

Its commonly accepted that the initial attraction to Vivitek is price based. There is no doubt that the products offered at the entry level are value for money and many models compete well against some of the more established brands on the market. Although you won’t find a product that competes with low quality variants, Vivitek has chosen not to compromise on quality by stretching their entry level lines. Where Vivitek truly makes its mark is in the middle segment of the projector market.

Lower to Mid Range Projectors

While options are plenty at entry level, the (R10,000 – R50,000)  “middle” segment of the projector market often lacks value. Vivitek has managed to excel here by giving buyers options for nearly every unique application. The product categories include Interactive Projectors, Ultra Short Throw Projectors and their most recent product category, Collaboration Systems.

Large Venue Projectors

A space that was once dominated by a handful of major players, the Large Venue Projector market is growing in South Africa and includes Houses of Worship, Theatres, Lecture Rooms, Auditoriums, Fitness Venues and Conference Venues. Again, Vivitek offers well priced alternatives that are suitable for use these venues. Most large venue projectors use interchangeable lenses and some use dual lamps technology to achieve high brightness. Laser Projection is Vivitek’s latest offering and brings maintenance free, high brightness performance to large venues.

Education Projectors

The Vivitek Education range is fairly large and makes it easy to find the right product for each application. Interactive Projectors make smart-board deployments easier than ever. Affordable widescreen projectors that are sufficiently bright make high quality in-class projection possible. All at a price manageable for South African schools.

LED Projectors

The QUMI range offers ultra portable LED projection at a price that is accessible to small businesses. LED projectors never need bulb replacement and are very compact for travelling presentations.


In South Africa, Vivitek projectors are backed up by a minimum warranty of 2 years (up to 5 Years) and repairs are generally well supported. In most cases sufficient spares are held or available within reasonable lead times. Vivitek has different warranty periods to match each product category:

  • IT/Retail Projectors: 2 Years
  • Education Projectors: 5 Years
  • AV/Mid-Range Portable Projectors: 3 Years
  • Large Venue Projectors: 5 Years
Choosing the Correct Projector

Vivitek is one of the many brands used by Creatav and as with any other brand we use, the application determines which product or brand is chosen. Vivitek allows us to regularly provide cost effective projection solutions that meet our performance requirements and the needs of the client. Alongside other projector brands, Vivitek is a compelling option when selecting the right projector for our projection deployments.