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Digital Signage that’s right for your business

Delivering the right message, at the right place, at the right time. That’s the promise of a good Digital Signage system. It allows businesses of all sizes to connect with their clients and staff using multiple media resources. Businesses in South Africa are inherently innovative and creative, so how do you grow your business using Digital Signage?

To your clients
Clients in your store have already decided that your products or services deserve their Rands. Digital Signage has the power to convey and reinforce multiple messages to help influence their buying decisions.
It is no longer useful to only get clients into your store, engagement has become key to converting that browser into a buyer. With a well designed Digital Signage system and content that is carefully chosen, you have the power to deploy your content strategically with measurable outcomes that actually affect the bottom line.

Your customers can only respond to what they see, and static signage that changes 4 times a year simply no longer cuts it.

To your staff
Ironically, in this age of communication, many workplaces have become isolated pockets of productivity. In some cases staff communication is relegated to email or internal phone calls only. A good Digital Signage system can simultaneously display internal communication videos, sales feeds, financial indicators, company news, special events, and live television feeds. Digital Signage is appropriate in your cafeteria, lounge, reception, foyer or even common working areas. Staff that feel like they’re part of a bigger picture are guaranteed to be more productive.

Effective Digital Signage systems are about relevant content being delivered in the best way possible. The Digital Signage Solutions at Creatav allow for local or cloud based deployments which mean that your content can change as frequently as you like. To find out more, check our our Digital Signage page: