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Why Biamp Devio is perfect for South African businesses

The South African small to medium business is faced with many challenges. One of those challenges is finding budget friendly technology and tools that allow your team to keep up with the competition.

The Biamp Devio landed in South Africa in May 2016 and is steadily proving its worth in the local market. Biamp markets Devio as a “collaboration tool for modern workplaces that brings Biamp’s full conference room audio to smaller spaces”. While that may seem like regular marketing speak, it could not be more accurate. Biamp has packed excellent audio technology and video simplicity in a box smaller than a classic conference telephone.

Biamp Devio is the fly on the wall, that just happens to be a powerful conferencing device.

Ideas start anywhere.
The idea of booking a dedicated conference room for collaboration is as antiquated as the notion that good ideas can be scheduled. Usually the best sparks happen in the smallest meetings. Devio truly is a natural extension of how people work every day, and can be used with any display, client application, or USB camera. As a powerful centre-piece, it serves as a rock-solid foundation that allows the user to scale their video collaboration system as their needs expand. For smaller businesses, instead of bundling costly webcams and head units into a single purchase, you get the luxury of, for example, starting with an entry level Webcam, but upgrading to a top of the range Full HD PTZ camera later.

Skype, meet AEC.
Applications like Skype & Cisco Webex have made it much easier for anyone to enjoy remote communication and collaboration. More often than not however, the technical shortcomings of this convenience become a hindrance to fluid conversation. With the majority of South African small businesses not having access to reliable rapid broadband, issues like poor picture quality and delays occur often. For those that are free from poor connectivity problems, a new set of problems arise, problems that are slightly trickier to fix. Echo, feedback and generally poor quality audio often disengage participants and turn huddle spaces into shouting rooms that host unnatural conversation. Biamps Acoustic Echo cancellation (AEC) diminishes echo and feedback, along with its advanced noise reduction processor that dynamically monitors the room to lessen or eliminate unwanted background noise.Biamp Devio 4One box solves it.
Devio is packed with Biamp conferencing technology, doing all the work so you don’t have to. It has a beam-forming microphone that has has three 120-degree zones. This provides full 360-degree coverage of the meeting space. Biamp offers two beam-forming microphone form factors – the DTM-1 tabletop microphone and the DCM-1 ceiling microphone. Both of these microphones track conversations around the room, eliminating unwanted room noise. The result is exceptional audio quality for call participants on the far end and in the room.

HD Video & Screen Sharing
Biamp didn’t stop with great quality audio. The single USB 3.0 host cable boasts Integrated DisplayLink, which allows connecting of two displays over USB with the help of a DisplayLink driver. For instant connectivity, HDMI pass through allows driver-less connection to a display, which is great for the typical BYOD scenarios in many South African small businesses.

This unassuming box has the power to make your staff look, sound and feel good, giving them the confidence to speak their mind and share their ideas. It is an excellent choice for huddle rooms, conference rooms or nearly any compact collaboration space you can think of.

Devio CR-1 Features

  • USB 3.0 input for single-cable audio/video connectivity
  • Integrated DisplayLink USB graphics technology enables connecting to two displays over USB (requires installation of DisplayLink driver on laptop)
  • Pass-through HDMI connectivity for driverless connection to display
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Automatic room setup
  • Automatic gain control
  • Speaker connectivity includes built-in 20W amplifier or RCA line-out
  • Devio System Administration Utility (SAU) and support for SNMP device management over corporate network

Devio CR1 Features

  • Eight-element microphones
  • Active beamforming technology
  • Three 120-degree zones for 360 degrees of coverage
  • Automatic voice tracking
  • LED mute status indicator
  • Two selectable directivity modes (DTM-1)
  • Four selectable elevation angle modes (DCM-1)
  • Capacitive touch mute button (DTM-1)
  • Additional RJ-45 for daisy-chained connection to an additional microphone

Creatav is an integrator of Biamp products in South Africa.
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