Digital Signage

Show it all on one screen

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Communicate like never before

Now one screen can display many things

Simultaneously display Video, Pictures, Text, Social Media feeds Live TV and more.
Create a visual hub of information anywhere you please.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Improve your image

Deliver constantly updated information in-store to connect with your staff or clients. Your clients will appreciate the updates.

Sell More

With the combined display of pictures, video, & live elements, digital advertising displays will lead to increased sales and offer an excellent return on investment.

Keep clients happy

Improve your waiting area experience and reduce perceived waiting times by displaying content of your choice. Or use in conjunction with a Queue Management System.

Save Money

Never print a banner or menu board again. Digital Signage Screens are a striking alternative to static printed menu boards.

Types of Digital Signage


Used for single screens, digital posters or when minimal updates are required. Content is scheduled, stored and updated locally.


Content is scheduled in a central location, and distributed to all screens for playback via standard LAN, or remotely over 3G or ADSL.


Intelligent standalone or distributed systems that can respond to triggers including touch, motion sensing, RFID, eye tracking & more.

Digital Signage Features

  • Create dedicated areas on screen
  • Playback multiple formats simultaneously
  • Integrate Live content – TV, News, RSS Feeds & more
  • Unlimited Text Scrollers
  • Obtain Live “Now Playing” screenshots
  • Easy to use playlist scheduling
  • Distribute playlists instantly
  • Access proof-of-play data on advertising screens
  • Use triggers to activate content
  • API – Integrate with virtually all existing systems

How Digital Signage Works

Content is created

Content is sourced or created. This can include multiple formats, etc.

Images:  BMP, JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF, TIFF
Video:  MPEG2, MPEG4, h264, QuickTime, SWF, FLV, WMV
Audio:  MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC
Flash:  Interactive and non-interactive
Live TV:  SD composite, s-video, webcam and TV Tuner
Live TV:  HD component, HDMI, ATSC
Streaming: Windows Media Streaming
Documents: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, PDF.
Scrollers: Uni-directional, XML, RSS, Twitter and text based
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Tweetdeck
Other: QR Codes, Hardware Plug-ins, 3rd party Add-ons

Playlists are distributed to screens

via Local Network, 3G or ADSL

Playlist is played back on destination screens

Get Digital Signage in your space

  • Restaurants
  • Foyers & Lobbies
  • Walk-in Centres
  • Education Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Retail Stores
  • Medical Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Houses of Worship
  • Salons
  • Transport

Scalable, Flexible, & Feature Rich Digital Signage Systems